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Tree Stump Removal Services

Quite often, with a few essential tools, we are able to remove tree stumps by hand (depending on the circumstances) so long as the diameter of the tree is less than 15 inches and there’s a few feet of the trunk still sticking out of the ground.

NB. If you have performed your own tree felling or hired another company to do so without leaving a few feet of the trunk sticking out of the ground then you will require help from us. This is where we to cut the stump to just above ground level and grind it out with specialist stump grinding machinery to 300mm below ground level.

For the obstructive stumps that uphold their roots.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons depending on the situation, it can be impractical to remove tree stumps by hand. Maybe their trunk is simply too mature or there’s not enough leverage or perhaps doing so could risk damage to the surrounding areas such as patios etc.

Our variety of stump grinding machinery enables us to grind out and remove any size and variety of stumps in open park land or even awkward to access areas around residences.

Tree stumps can be unsightly, can be difficult to remove or mow around in a lawn settings as well as cause havoc to urban landscapes with their root growth. Not only this, stumps can be the harbinger to attract fungus and other wood rotting organisms which may then infest or affect neighbouring trees in the area.

How we tackle & remove tree stumps.

Tree stumps are grounded down to a minimum of 300mm below ground level which helps allow for replanting or ground preparation for any purpose.

The resulting material is a mixture of soil, stone and woodchips which is then backfilled into the whole. There is usually an excess amount left over which we can remove for you or alternatively if desirable you can always use this for mulch in other areas of the garden.

Contact us to discuss your stump grinding or stump removal requirements.

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