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Disease & Deadwood Removal

Dangers of deadwood, why should I be concerned?
Decay sets in dead branches and spreads fast. The decay tends to recede all the way back to the stem. Basically, there’s a large lump of wood bracing to fall as no life is present to support it’s weight. Large pieces can fall and causes horrendous injury and damage. It’s a safety hazard that’s considered the land owners responsibility to maintain. As it’s a safety hazard, the trees should be professionally assessed as such. Careful removal is recommended.
What are some of the most liable places that should concern me most?
Situations that deserve urgent attention and demand such removal are often trees that overhand public roads, houses, public areas and gardens etc.
Disease and Deadwood Removal.
Our experienced tree surgeons are able to diagnose ill health conditions in trees and propose an action plan to cover practical options in its treatment.
What causes disease and deadwood to occur?
Disease and deadwood in trees can be caused by various factors, the main ones include:
• Fungi
• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Viroids
• Biting / sucking mites
• Birds
• Mammals gnawing
• Devastation and vandalism by man
• Soil conditions
• Weather extremities
• Chemicals and fire etc.

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